I’ve never had pharmacy people be so nice or caring over something so simple. Super friendly and it makes a huge difference. Everything is always done on time or in a timely manner.

Pharmacy | Kaiser Permanente Chester Avenue Medical Offices
Address: 2531 Chester Ave 1st floor, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 877-842-9583
Website: https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/southern-california/facilities/Chester-Avenue-Medical-Offices-300297?utm_source=GMB_listing

So annoying… I waited and waited and waited for them to buy the Modafinil ready.. and then when I finally got to the register they said “Oops, we didn’t make the right amount.” Instead of making me priority and putting the right number together, I sat and waited and waited again. The only reason they are getting 2 stars is because of the initial lady I talked to was at least trying to be nice. I left Pharmacy | Kaiser Permanente Chester Avenue Medical Offices due to their incompetence already. Is there a such thing as a good pharmacy anymore?

Count medications, they shorted the medication which caused an additional doctor visit which was another co pay. And none of them seemed to know much, was transferred many many many times only to be told they don’t know why they shorted the online Modafinil sale.
Mercy Plaza Pharmacy
Address: 2336 Eye St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-323-2925
Website: https://mercyplazapharm.com/


Sat in the drive tru for 30 min after the Pharmacy | Kaiser Permanente Chester Avenue Medical Offices took my debit card for payment no response tru the com or anything I couldn’t leave because they still had my card when I finally got someone on the com they didn’t know who I was or what I was waiting on I’ve watched it go down hill for the last few years, and now it’s about at Rick bottom. Not only is the service painfully slow, and they have advised me on several occasions that my prescription is ready, only to find when I’ve driven to the pharmacy that it was not ready and would require a 35 min wait or more, each of the techs (as well as the pharmacist at times) can be heard complaining about customers and their job. Poor service and poor attitude makes for a poor experience. I’m done, using Mercy Plaza Pharmacy from now on.

This place is so bad I moved everything to other pharmacy and am willing to pay the few extra dollars to go somewhere else. I don’t understand how Mercy Plaza Pharmacy are still in business. Plan on waiting in line for at least 45 minutes to pickup a prescription that was already filled. They look like they barely have any staff.

Hoffman Homecare Pharmacy
Address: 2225 E St STE 200, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-377-0181
Website: http://www.hoffcare.com/
Reviews: This is without a doubt the worst pharmacy you’ll encounter. In addition to all of the other reviews and accurate information shared, the hours are unreasonable for someone that works a corporate job and they close the drive thru on a whim, but then deny it. The staff is rude and dismissive, Clara in particular is completely uninterested in being considerate. I highly encourage you to select the Hoffman Homecare Pharmacy in the area and save yourself the trouble and frustration of interacting with people that have no concern for customers.

Worst pharmacy I ever used by far well at least at this location pharmacy staff are rude they make it difficult to try to afford your prescription by using a membership good RX discount card and there’s always a really long line/wait just to order the Modafinil and don’t have anything ready on time and they never pick up the phone when trying to call to see if it’s ready Im definitely going to change locations I’ve been to Hoffman Homecare Pharmacy and they Had excellent customer service and are nice and friendly and always have prescription ready with no difficulties. I’m sorry but I do not recommend this location to anyone

This pharmacy never has prescriptions ready when said. Prescription is suppose to be ready on a Friday, I go to pick up on the following Tuesday….and they still need 20 min. All I get is “sorry we are behind”. I get being understaffed is hard , but man!!!! 4 days behind? Not to mention last month I had to bring my medicine back because they gave me the wrong pill. They didn’t even know what medicine was filled in the bottle they gave me.

Avita Pharmacy 1015
Address: 2000 Physicians Blvd Room B, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-328-4221
Website: https://www.avitapharmacy.com/
This place has the most useless, unfriendly staff I’ve ever met. Had a prescription that needed filled and was told it would only take 30 minutes and waited for said script 4.5 hours. When I called (oh, they never answer the phone, literally had to call Avita Pharmacy 1015 customer service just to get to pharmacy where they hung up on me and I had to repeat the whole process) and asked about the Modafinil price. I get there and they made me wait another 40 minutes while some kid walked around the pharmacy and refused to even tell me what was going on. The pharmacist gave me the wrong script and then didn’t even know what I was there for. So ridiculous. Definitely recommend going to a pharmacy, because this one is an absolute joke.

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