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Our Medical Services​

Centennial Medical Group has many different options to improve the quality of your care. With that goal in mind we offer several services that give our patients conveniences and comfort in a setting that is familiar. ​ Our services offer you the latest technology and innovative treatments for a multitude of medical problems.

Diagnostic Laboratory ​

One of the most convenient services we offer our patients is the on-site clinical laboratory. Blood samples and specimens will be drawn during your appointment. This service shortens the waiting period for results, which in turn helps our doctors to determine diagnoses and treatment plans.

X-Ray Laboratory

An X-Ray (radiograph) is a painless medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Radiography can diagnose many things, ranging from pneumonia to broken bones. X-Ray is one of the most frequently used forms of medical imaging.

Bone Density Scan

Also called Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) or bone densitometry, is an enhanced form of X-Ray technology that is used to look for signs of bone loss. By measuring Bone Mineral Density (BMD), DXA is today’s established standard for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and related conditions.

Nutrition & Diabetes Counseling

We offer one-on-one sessions with certified Registered Dietitians who are Certified Diabetes Educators can help you develop healthy meal plans suitable for your lifestyle. Individual assessments can also provide you with blood glucose management strategies to help control your disease.