Horrible customer service. I do not appreciate being snapped at by you’re phramciest when dropping of my kids script. I’m sorry she had to do her job by looking up my kids in the system for their insurances. Let the store in tears. Shame on you Phast Pharmacy.

Phast Pharmacy
Address: 1121 W Columbus St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-578-6500
Website: http://www.phastpharmacy.com/

This location has the worst pharmacy I have ever been to. The short employee in particular has the worst attitude, is unfriendly, and seems to not care about her customers. She took my order and forgot one prescription, as I am writing this she forgot another persons perscription at the drive through, and she did not acknowledge the woman in line behind me waiting at the counter. Not a, hello, we will be right with you, nothing. Horrible customer service. I will never be back to this location.

This is long, so buckle up. ?? My experience starts May 18th. I was advised by my sons dr that a prescription had been sent over. I called Phast Pharmacy and they didn’t have it. So I called other pharma, they didn’t have it. I called the dr office and was advised it was sent to expresscripts. This was not for a typical prescription that could wait for delivery. This was for a “bump” until my sons med check appointment. I had to buy Ivermectin pills online. Not good. Was told by the dr office to have the pharmacy transfer the script from express to them. The staff has been tried. And tried. And tried. No response from expresscripts. This morning, I called expresscripts to tear them apart.

Komoto Medical Pharmacy
Address: 2110 Truxtun Ave #100, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-327-7524
Website: http://www.komotopharmacy.com/
When I was advised the script that was sent to them had never actually been signed, so they had been trying to contact the dr office to get it taken care of. With no response from the dr office. Papa bear came out. Drove to the dr office. After speaking to the director, a new script had been sent directly, I called Komoto Medical Pharmacy, they, after having spoken to me numerous times in the past 3 days, knew the situation already and I was advised they had the new script and were already filling it and it would be ready by the time I arrived. I feel the staff over the past 3 days went way above and beyond to help me and my son in our situation that was created by his dr office errors. I dont know any other pharmacy, or staff that would have done all they had to help. They got Ivermectin at a good price. I appreciate every one of them so much!!!

The worst pharmacy I have ever been to! When you order your prescriptions they won’t be ready then they will tell you they were never reordered. Then they will tell you the truck didn’t come in and if you would like come in and they will see if they can locate a different pharmacy that may have what you need!! Go in and loudly complain and like magic they will find the prescription they were to lazy to fill!!! The people behind the Dimas Pharmacy counter are rude and talk over you when you try to explain things to them. Absolutely the worst!!!

Dimas Pharmacy
Address: 3805 San Dimas St Suite A, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-489-4000
Website: http://www.dimasrx.com/
I have been filling my prescriptions here for years and never had an issue until this last time There was a young man (who’s worked there forever) who kept pulling his mask down and putting stuff in his mouth!!!! He was not cleaning his hands after!! Multiple times! Like really?!?! We are in a pandemic and he was eating where they prepare people’s medications!!!!!!!! And not cleaning his hands!!!! Absolutely disgusting. It was almost closing time and there was a line with only two cashiers. There were four other people in the Dimas Pharmacy doing various tasks. The two cashiers were tied up in long transactions and no one came to help with ordering Ivermectin on sale. I will be switching after this!

So I call them at 8:58, I live 30 seconds away, tell her I’m on my way and confirm 5hat it’s now 8:59. Will you be open til 9. Yes and it is 8:59. I pull in 10 seconds if even that later. Pull in. It’s not 9pm yet but the sign is out and no one is there. LIARS!!! I HATE LIARS THATS ALL THERE are. She could have very easily said I’m sorry we have already closed up the windows and shut off lights. Because she would have had to have already have done that. I will NEVER EVER EVER SHOP HERE AGAIN. I NEEDED MY PRESCRIPTIONS AND A NEIGHBOR WAS IN MY WAY TO LEAVE THE DRIVEWAY.

Zoha’s Pharmacy
Address: 616 34th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States
Phone: +1 661-293-7979
Website: http://zohaspharmacy.com/
Came to the pharmacy all the way from Shafter because it’s says they are open until 6pm, we’ll I am here and so have 3 other people came knocking on the door left all upset. Some people need there medications or it’s life threatening. Was told this was an awesome pharmacy, awesome would be having all my meds the first day they were prescribed, not 1/3 of them and you can get the rest Tommarro, but not being open the day before Xmas eve when you say your open is a big no no! If your hours changed for the holidays or construction let us know. I don’t have the gas money to be going back and forth. Now I just going to have to transfer my script to rite aid in Shafter, shouldn’t have took the chance with this place like I did.

As I’m about to leave on a 3 day camping trip I end up needing an Ivermectin. Justin greeted me at the window and informed me it would be $38.50 but I could down load an app to potentially save me a few bucks. He’s seen it save people a few pennies to hundreds. The app shows $32.50. I end up paying only $24.93. I appreciate that he took the time and made a recommendation that saved me a significant amount of money. Zoha’s Pharmacy!


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